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Highly Rated Medical-Related Courses You Can Pursue with D+ in KCSE

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Education is often seen as the gateway to a brighter future, but for many students who receive a KCSE (Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education) mean grade of D plain, the doors to higher education can seem firmly shut.

In Kenya, a D plain is considered a low grade, limiting options and leaving aspiring individuals disheartened, particularly in fields as demanding as medicine. However, hope is not lost for those with the determination to pursue a career in the medical field.

Despite the challenges, there are medical-related courses that allow individuals with a D plain to step onto the path of healthcare education.

One such opportunity is the Certificate in Health Records and Information Technology. This course is tailored for individuals working in recognized Health Records departments lacking the necessary professional qualifications.

The minimum entry requirement for this program is a KCSE aggregate grade of D+. Additionally, candidates need at least two years of work experience in a recognized Health Records and Information Department.

Successful completion of this course opens doors to further education, enabling candidates to upgrade to a diploma and eventually a higher diploma or even a degree.

Deaf individuals are not left behind in these opportunities.

The Certificate in Health Promotion for the Deaf (CHPD) is exclusively designed for deaf students. To enroll in this course, a mean grade of D+ in KCSE is required, along with a D+ in English or Kenya Sign Language and D plain in Biology. Offered at various KMTC (Kenya Medical Training College) campuses across the country, this program spans a study period of two years. It stands as a testament to inclusive education, offering equal opportunities to individuals regardless of their hearing abilities.

Another accessible medical course for those with a D plain is the Foundations in Community Health program, offered at Kenya Medical Training College. This course imparts basic knowledge about community health and is suitable for anyone interested in working at the grassroots level.

It is a short course lasting for six months, making it an ideal choice for form four leavers looking to kickstart their careers in the healthcare sector.

For individuals interested in nutrition and dietetics, the Certificate in Nutrition and Dietetics course is a viable option. This program prepares students to become nutritionists or dieticians, addressing the growing need for healthcare professionals in the field of dietary health. To enroll, a KCSE mean grade of D+ is required, along with D+ grades in English or Kiswahili and Biology or Biological Sciences.

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