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Sad as Kisii Man Publicly Denies His Wife’s 8-Month Pregnancy, Claims Her High School Teacher Impregnated Her

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In the Reconciliation Department during the  patanisho show hosted on Radio Jambo, a young woman who identified herself as Eznah Ingesu (21) from Kisii sent a message seeking reconciliation with her husband, Elias Amose (24), whom she had a falling out with in August this year.

Eznah stated that their two-year marriage fell apart when her husband left her in the village and went to Nairobi for work, arranged by his aunt.

“My husband left me in the rural area and went to Nairobi. My aunt found me a job in town, a shop job. I informed his mother that my aunt had found me a job in town. She said it was okay. I didn’t have a phone,” Eznah recounted.

She continued, “He started calling and insulting my aunt, claiming I was with another man. I left and went back home. When I called him, he refused to talk to me. I want to reconcile with him because I am eight months pregnant… I had told my aunt I was looking for a job because I was pregnant and couldn’t depend on someone in Nairobi who doesn’t send money. I don’t know why he suspects I went to another man. He didn’t want me to work. He wanted me to stay home, but he didn’t provide for our needs.”

When Elias was called, he wanted to know where his partner was, saying he had no idea of her whereabouts.

“She didn’t tell me she was leaving; I just noticed she was gone. My mother called and told me Eznah had left. I called my mother-in-law; she said she didn’t know where she was. Her mother looked for her through all her relatives,” Elias said.

He continued, “She made a scene, causing trouble over that job. She denied me money for the clinic, saying if I wanted to go home, her father would give me money for the clinic. He sent 500 one day.”

Elias continued to accuse his wife of having a relationship with another man who happened to be their former high school teacher.

“There is a teacher I heard she married last week. He was her high school teacher. They had a relationship since she was in form two. When I found her, she was with that teacher. I found them chatting.”

“The lady called her to work, saying he was a teacher. He was her aunt’s husband, but she had employed him to take care of a child. This lady’s husband had a relationship with Eznah. It’s a big story. This lady employed her, initially as a house help, and Eznah had a relationship with her husband,” Elias said.

However, Eznah dismissed her partner’s allegations, stating, “No, I didn’t have a relationship with him. I got pregnant while I was in Nairobi; I wanted to go abroad, but he said he wanted me to leave the child with him.”

Elias also claimed he was not involved in Eznah’s pregnancy and pointed to the teacher as the father.

“I have no story with her. Let her deal with that teacher. I have my own issues. That pregnancy belongs to the teacher, not me. I don’t have any relationship with her. She even told me she had another man who would take care of the pregnancy. I wish them well with the teacher. May they have a long life; may God bless them,” he said.

Eznah said, “I still love him. He should come back, let’s raise the child together; the child is his. Let him ignore the rumors.”

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