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Details Emerge on Why Ally B’s Family Requested Radio Stations and DJs Not to Play His Songs During His FunerAl

by Paul Nyongesa
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The body of veteran musician and Coastal native Ali Khamisi Mwaliguli, popularly known as Ally B, was laid to rest on Thursday, November 2. Ally B passed away on Wednesday while undergoing treatment at Coast General Teaching and Referral Hospital in Mombasa, where he was battling pneumonia for several days, as revealed by his brother, Mohamed Ramadhan.

The late musician received an Islamic burial ceremony before his body was interred at the Maziara ya Cobra area in Mishomoroni, Mombasa County.

Prominent figures, politicians, fans, as well as family, neighbors, and friends of the late singer came together to bid him farewell.

During his speech, Ally B’s brother humbly requested radio stations and performers to refrain from playing Ally’s songs after his passing.

“We kindly request news anchors, radio presenters, DJs, please, I beg you, do not play Ally’s songs. Please, I implore you,” Ally B’s brother pleaded.

He explained that they wanted the soul of the musician to rest in peace and urged those who wished to remember him to pray for him instead.

“Do not play his music anymore. On his behalf, I request that anyone wishing to remember him offer a prayer instead. But please, do not play his songs. We request this. His songs are enough. As his brother, that’s what I have said,” he stated.

In accordance with Islamic teachings, music is regulated, and the content of songs should not contradict Islamic ethics and teachings or involve prohibited activities in Islam, such as alcohol consumption.

Musician Ally B, whose fame soared with hit songs like ‘Maria’ and ‘Bembea,’ was declared dead at Coast General Teaching and Referral Hospital in Mombasa on Wednesday afternoon. He was rushed to the hospital after complaining of pain. Reports indicate that he succumbed to pneumonia.

It was reported that the musician, whose career peaked in the early 2000s, arrived home feeling unwell on Wednesday afternoon and was subsequently rushed to the hospital, where he tragically passed away.

President William Ruto led Kenyans in mourning the coastal-born singer after news of his death spread rapidly across the nation.

The President described him as a musician who promoted unity in society.

“I join musicians in mourning the death of Ally B, a musician who used his talent to promote unity and inclusivity in our society,” Ruto said.

He added, “Ali Khamisi Mwaliguli wrote his message of peace within our hearts, and we will forever carry that meaningful tune. May God comfort his family, friends, and dedicated fans.”

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