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Amber Ray Reunites with Kenya’s Alleged Tycoon Kennedy Rapudo Days After Breakup

by Paul Nyongesa
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The story revolves around the complex relationship between Amber Ray and her partner Kennedy Rapudo. Despite their previous claims of breaking up, recent events suggest that they are still together.

On November 4th, Amber Ray was celebrating her birthday. Unexpectedly, Kennedy Rapudo took to social media, expressing his gratitude to God for bringing them together. He went on to invite Amber to any club of her choice to enjoy expensive drinks, promising to foot the bill.

“When the world brought us together, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Still wishing you a happy birthday. Happy birthday mama @africanahrapudo 🎂🎊🎁. Let the champagne pop 🍾🍾, send the rich man the bill,” he captioned a photo of Amber Ray, who was dressed in a black dress.

Amber Ray has not responded to Rapudo’s message, but she unfollowed him on social media after their alleged breakup.

To add to the intrigue, while Amber was partying with her friends at a club, Rapudo showed up late at night in his luxurious Range Rover. Exclusive photos captured by blogger Vincent Mboya showed Amber leaving the club and joining Rapudo in his car before they left together.

Their relationship hit a rough patch in mid-October due to an incident involving drunken individuals. Reflecting on the matter, Amber stated that she chose to prioritize her peace of mind over seeking false refuge elsewhere. She emphasized her commitment to honesty and her determination to rebuild her life and family despite the challenges.

“It’s an incident that should never have happened, and I deeply regret that it occurred with someone I swore to protect and love with all I had,” Rapudo said, expressing his remorse for the unfortunate event. He added that this unique incident should not define him as a violent person.

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