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Akothee Finally Reveals Why She Will Never Date Another Man After Omosh’s Departure

by Paul Nyongesa
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In spite of her earlier openness about still being on the market in search of love, the artist Akothe has taken a different mental and emotional path, stating that she has released the notion of romance for her daughters.

The entrepreneur, who recently celebrated the registration of her Akothee Foundation Academy, stated that her decision to put an end to romantic pursuits was motivated by her desire to invest all her energy into the success of the school. She emphasized that she is fully committed to the school’s success to the extent that it will be her spouse.

“As for love, I don’t even know what it is anymore; that thing doesn’t align with what I want, I’m not lying. I think I’m mentally stable now. I don’t understand myself. This school will be my husband, to be honest. I will dedicate myself greatly to ensure that I provide the children with everything they need to excel academically. I have left romance for my children,” Akothee said.

However, she mentioned that people should remember that she is not made of stone because there will come a time when she will desire love.

“But remember, I am not made of stone; I have hormones and blood flowing in this body. I cannot just let go of relationships, why should I let go of a relationship?” Akothee expressed, getting mixed up once again.

Earlier, we reported that Akothee had made it clear about her decision not to pursue romantic relationships despite being over 40 years old.

“If it doesn’t go the way I expect, we’re back to square one, as I told you, I’m not leaving the market, I am the market myself. Why should I leave my market? We just bump into each other there,” Akothee added.

“And I have come back the way you see me; I’m still on fire. I can’t leave the market; I just moved slightly to the side. The market is still there; we’re showering and refreshing right there,” she emphasized.


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