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Guardian Angel: How I Was Mistreated in Church for Marrying an Older Woman

by Paul Nyongesa
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Kenyan gospel musician Guardian Angel has opened up about the trials he faced after marrying his wife, Esther Musila, and how some churches treated him differently due to their age gap.

During the launch of his new record label, “7 Heaven Music,” Guardian Angel shared a disheartening incident from his past. He recalled a time when he was mistreated in a church. Upon arriving at the church to perform, the pastor initially hesitated to allow him on the altar.

“I went to a church to sing somewhere, and I was mistreated in that church. When I arrived, the pastor told me that elders had instructed that I should not sing or step on the altar. They all argued, and after 30 minutes, the pastor accepted that I sing. When I started, the pastor again got angry and wanted to snatch my microphone, but his wife called him down.”

Even after his performance, the pastor did not acknowledge the song, and Guardian Angel felt judged, leading to a growing resentment towards the church.

“When I finished, the pastor took the microphone and never acknowledged what I had just sung. That made me hate the church. I started questioning myself, ‘Can marrying my wife make it so I don’t deserve to sing for God in church?’ I went home with my wife and told her that was the last time I was stepping into a church. I said I would never step into any church. Matters of the church and I were done. I said I would be praying in my bedroom, but my wife continued going to her church.”

However, Guardian Angel’s life took a transformative turn when he met Pastor Ababu, who became his spiritual father. Despite all the criticism and negative comments surrounding his marriage, Pastor Ababu stood by him.

“Pastor Ababu called me at a time when no one believed in my marriage, including servants of God, and he assured me that he would stand with me until I do a wedding with this woman, and I would be okay. He took me to his church despite many people fighting him. Today, I’m standing here, back in church, singing for God because of Pastor Ababu’s unwavering support. Thank you very much.”

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