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Empire 007: Nakuru’s Visionary Classic Car Restorer Buying Old Cars at Ksh 35K, Sells Them for Millions

by Paul Nyongesa
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In the heart of Nakuru County, there exists a man whose passion for classic cars has not only defined his identity but also transformed his life.

Prince Johnson, affectionately known as Empire 007, has successfully turned his hobby into a lucrative business venture, showcasing the power of dedication, passion, and a keen entrepreneurial spirit.

Empire 007’s journey began at the age of 16 when he purchased his first car for Ksh40,000 during his high school years.

Little did he know that this modest purchase would ignite a lifelong passion for classic automobiles.

Despite the lack of proper documentation and the challenges that came with it, Johnson’s determination led him to pursue his love for cars.

What sets Johnson apart is his unique ability to spot hidden gems among neglected and abandoned vehicles.

He travels far and wide, scouring the country for classic cars that have been left to rust for nearly two decades. With an astute eye and unwavering dedication, he has managed to revive over 100 cars, giving them a new lease on life.

One of his remarkable successes was the restoration of his most expensive acquisition, a car he bought for Ksh700,000. Johnson invested approximately Ksh300,000 in its restoration and later sold it for an impressive Ksh1.3 million, along with a bonus – a Toyota Vitz.

His expertise and commitment have not only resulted in significant financial gains but also provided opportunities to feature his revitalized cars in popular music videos across the country.

Recently, Johnson embarked on a new project – a Ksh45,000 LG81. His goal? To transform this forgotten classic into a monstrous pickup truck. The LG81, dating back to 1967, stands as a testament to his passion for preserving automotive history and breathing life into overlooked vehicles.

For a glimpse into his transformative journey, watch Empire 007 in action here.

This captivating video showcases his dedication, expertise, and the meticulous process through which he transforms old, abandoned cars into magnificent pieces of automotive art.

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