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Kennedy Rapudo: I am rich to an extent I have bought my eight-year-old child a car

by Paul Nyongesa
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Kennedy Rapudo, who is often introduced by his partner Amber Ray as wealthy, has once again displayed his riches by recounting how he provides a luxurious life for his child.

Rapudo, who has a child with another woman before meeting Amber Ray, stated that despite his separation from the mother of his child, he ensures that their child enjoys a good life thanks to his undisclosed wealth.

Speaking to Mungai Eve, Rapudo revealed that their child is now eight years old, and he has already bought the child a car for school and even hired a dedicated driver for their child.

“My child’s birthday is on September 12. I bought a car for him and also hired a driver to take him to school and back home to his mother,” Rapudo stated proudly.

“I pay all his school fees, and I spoke to the school management, and they said their school bus cannot go to where my child lives with his mother. So, I had to go to Mombasa to buy him a car. The car is worth approximately 830,000, and I have a driver for him whom I pay monthly,” he added.

The entrepreneur also discussed a recent headline-grabbing incident in which he claimed that the mother of his child refused to allow him to see their child.

Rapudo said that after the mother of his child refused to let him see their child, he went to court and sued her for denying him access to their child.

Furthermore, Rapudo stated that he is required to provide school fees and send 30,000 shillings for child support every month.

On September 1st, Rapudo claimed that he sent a voucher of 130,000 shillings for household items, but the mother of his child returned the voucher, stating that she wanted cash instead.

“I sent her a voucher worth 130,000 shillings, but she refused it, and she returned it, saying she wanted cash,” Rapudo said.

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