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Evans Kibet: Phd holder now turns to selling his degree at Sh 5 million after failing to get a job

by Paul Nyongesa
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Evans Kibet’s thirst for knowledge, combined with his faith in the transformative power of education, propelled him from primary school through high school, and eventually to campus.

His journey, marked by sheer persistence and patience, was a testament to his unquenchable hunger for learning.

For a considerable part of his educational voyage, everything seemed to be progressing according to plan.

Kibet had amassed the relevant academic qualifications, skills, and experience needed to pursue a career as a graduate teacher or university professor.

However, the recent emergence of unprecedented stumbling blocks threatened to derail his dreams.

Despite holding a Master of Arts degree in Kiswahili from Kenyatta University, Kibet found himself locked out of the job market.

The floodgates of opportunity remained tightly shut, casting a long shadow over his future prospects. With each passing day, Kibet’s once-bright vision of a successful academic career appeared bleaker and more distant.

Faced with the harsh reality of prolonged unemployment and dashed dreams, Kibet considered a drastic step.

He contemplated selling his academic certificates, including his ID card, transcripts, and certificates, to the highest bidder. This decision, born out of desperation, bore witness to the depths of despair he had reached in his quest for a better future.

“I am selling my ID card, certificates, and transcripts. I am not lording over my little achievements but looking for a serious buyer,” he posted.

He listed these documents for sale at an asking price of Sh5 million or to the highest bidder, laying bare his struggles for all to see.

The shattered dreams that haunt Kibet were not always the backdrop to his life story. After completing his undergraduate program in 2013 with a second-class upper division Bachelor of Education (Arts) degree from Kenyatta University, his dream of becoming a university professor began to take shape.

He embarked on postgraduate studies only a year after graduation, nurturing the belief that completing his master’s degree before pursuing employment would position him for greater success.

During his postgraduate studies, Kibet found himself on the cusp of his desired career. The university recognized his potential and contracted him, along with others, to supervise and evaluate students in various academic capacities. It was a promising glimpse into a future where he could thrive in academia.

However, this dream was abruptly halted when the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service implemented changes that significantly affected job opportunities.

The reduction in capitation fees had the unintended consequence of rendering Kibet and many others jobless, casting them adrift in a sea of uncertainty.

“I have been forced to hide my actual qualifications when invited for interviews because at times I am made to believe having such qualification is a direct ticket to missing the opportunity,” he said.

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