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Geoffrey Gesaka: Kenyan Man Who Rose from Working as a Security Guard to Earning a Rare Commendation in the U.S. Navy

by Paul Nyongesa
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Geoffrey Gesaka’s life story is nothing short of extraordinary. It’s a narrative that could effortlessly inspire individuals to believe in the power of determination, hard work, and the pursuit of dreams

.From his humble beginnings in Kenya to receiving a commendation from the United States Navy, Gesaka’s journey is a testament to resilience and unwavering dedication.

It all began with a stroke of luck, or perhaps destiny, when Gesaka won the Green Card Lottery at the tender age of 19.

This life-altering victory paved the way for him to step into the land of opportunity itself: the United States. Remarkably, even his own father had no knowledge of his Green Card application.

The news of his win arrived as a surprising twist of fate, setting the stage for a journey into the unknown.

Arriving in the United States as an immigrant, Gesaka faced the daunting challenge of starting afresh in a foreign land. Stripped of the familiar support of friends and family, his resolve remained unshaken.

Determined to carve out a life for himself, Gesaka was fortunate to find a kind-hearted individual who offered him temporary shelter and support during his initial days in the U.S.

Gesaka’s path was far from easy. To make ends meet, he took on a series of manual jobs, including a stint as a security guard.

He recalled, “I did some manual jobs, at some point worked as a security guard and got fired at some point for my mistake. I was doing two to three jobs, I was so tired, I ended up sleeping on the job, which got me fired.”

Yet, setbacks like these did not deter him.

A pivotal moment arrived when Gesaka received a scholarship from a local church. This scholarship provided not only financial aid but also guidance on how to seek further educational opportunities.

Although financial constraints forced him to temporarily halt his college education after a year, his spirit of perseverance burned brightly.

In 2015, Gesaka made a monumental decision: he enlisted in the United States Navy. This choice marked a turning point, offering him not only a steady paycheck but also a comprehensive benefits package.

The Navy provided him with the financial security he needed to improve his circumstances, making further education and personal growth possible.

Gesaka’s dedication to service did not go unnoticed. His commendation from the U.S. Navy highlighted his remarkable achievements while serving as an Administration Leading Petty Officer in the United Arab Emirates.

One of his significant accomplishments involved streamlining the monthly travel claim process, resulting in an astonishing 75 percent increase in approval rates for per diem entitlements.

This change not only improved efficiency but also ensured that fellow sailors received their rightful entitlements promptly.

Moreover, Gesaka’s meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence shone through in his audit of sailors’ pay accounts. He identified numerous pay and entitlement discrepancies and promptly implemented corrective actions.

As a result, sailors received accurate and timely pay, demonstrating his exceptional professionalism and dedication to duty.

When not actively serving, Gesaka works as an accomplished engineer at Northrop Grumman, showcasing his multifaceted talents and dedication to personal growth.

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