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Sad as Kenya’s Harambee Stars Player Left Stranded in Malaysia, Living on the Streets with No Food to Eat

by Paul Nyongesa
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Former Nairobi City Stars player Davis Agesa finds himself in a distressing predicament in Malaysia, as he remains stranded with no viable options for his future. His contract ended in 2021, leaving him in a foreign country with no means to move forward or return home.

Agesa’s journey took him to Malaysia after being enticed by an Ivorian agent’s promise of a lucrative football opportunity that would reignite his career.

Eager to revive his prospects, he embraced the chance to play abroad. However, the reality turned out to be starkly different from his expectations.

According to people familiar with the development,  Agesa was initially informed that he needed to raise funds for his airfare and travel expenses.

With a promising opportunity seemingly on the horizon, Agesa managed to secure contributions from his family members to cover the travel costs. His dreams of a fresh start in Malaysia gradually turned into a nightmare.

Upon his arrival in Malaysia, the situation took an unfortunate turn.

The Ivorian agent, who had brought him to the country, began leading him in circles, providing excuses about the unavailability of the promised contract. This left Agesa in a dire situation, without a club, a valid contract, or the means to return home.

Compounding his troubles, Agesa’s visa has expired, leaving him in a precarious position of overstaying his welcome in Malaysia.

To leave the country, he faces a fine of KSh 60,000 to the Malaysian government. Without prompt payment, he risks arrest and potential imprisonment.

With his funds exhausted and no steady income, Agesa has resorted to seeking assistance from Nigerian individuals and well-wishers to survive on the streets. Despite these challenges, there is a glimmer of hope for Agesa. His return ticket remains valid, necessitating only a minor change-of-travel fee for rebooking.

Currently, Agesa’s focus lies in raising the necessary funds to pay the overstay fine, modify his travel dates, and ultimately make his journey back home. Regrettably, his attempts to seek aid from the Kenyan embassy in Malaysia have yielded limited results, as they face a backlog of similar cases and can only facilitate transportation to the airport.

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