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“Ilinisumbua usiku kucha!” Akothee Takes Her Father to the Hospital After Discovering Breathing Problem

by Samantha
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On Tuesday, musician Esther Akoth, widely known as Akothee, shared a video that captured a poignant moment as she accompanied her father, Joshua Owino Kokeyo, to the hospital for a medical evaluation.

In the video’s description, Akothee opened up about her concerns regarding her father’s unusual breathing pattern, which prompted the hospital visit. She highlighted how her father is known to be resistant to seeking medical attention.

Nevertheless, she decided to take him for a check-up due to his irregular breathing, which had caused her considerable anxiety, particularly during the nights.

“Dare tell my dad he is sick, and you will see the fireworks. Any time you feel it’s time for a check-up, he will ask you, ‘You say I am sick, what am I sick of? Do I look sick to you?'” Akothee shared in a video she posted on her Instagram account.

Adding further insight, she mentioned, “But today I didn’t like his breathing pattern, I realized he couldn’t sing. This bothered me the whole night. From wherever he was, he told me he misses his mother and wishes to see her picture.”

The mother of five expressed her deep affection for her father and prayed for his good health. She recounted the episode with emotion, underscoring the bond they share as parent and child.

Akothee’s father, Joshua Owino Kokeyo, is a retired District Officer who currently resides in their ancestral home in Migori County.

Nearly a year ago, Akothee had revealed her father’s ailment, which had prevented him from attending her performances. She had shared her heartache and concern at his health challenges.

“My adviser, I can’t start writing anything. All I know is that you no longer grace my events. I cried a lot, and I still haven’t given up,” Akothee had expressed on Father’s Day last year.

The musician had also opened up about the difficulty of communicating with her father due to his illness.

“I don’t talk to you as much as before because I am left with many questions,” Akothee had said.

She expressed her struggle to accept her father’s ailing health, unwilling to embrace the notion that this was the new reality.

“I can’t believe how you are now, these aren’t the kind of life you were used to,” Akothee shared.

The businesswoman also revealed that communication between them had been reduced, acknowledging that the nature of their interactions had changed over the phone.

“We don’t talk on the phone like we used to, Baba. I don’t send you money because once you have money, you forget where you keep it,” Akothee admitted.

In this heartfelt episode, Akothee expressed her love and longing for her father, wishing him good health and confessing the pain of his absence.

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