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”Nyonyeni hizo matiti kama watoto’ The famous ‘Twa Twa Twa’ pastor Sue Munene advises men

by Paul Nyongesa
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Pastor Sue Munene, widely recognized for her notable ‘Twa Twa Twa’ campaign, has once again ignited a flurry of reactions with her recent advice directed towards men.

In a candid address to her congregation at her Kasarani-based church during a dedicated session for married couples, Pastor Sue candidly encouraged men to embrace a more intimate connection with their wives by engaging in a practice she likened to babies.

“Embrace the act of sucking your wives’ breasts just as babies do.

“Why let these bosoms go unattended?

“Let the practical aspects commence as of tonight,” Pastor Sue expressed, accompanied by her unique guidance.

Notably, she also extended guidance to women, suggesting that they forgo wearing bras within the confines of their homes, facilitating the ease of this interaction for their partners.

In a moment of caution, Pastor Sue also voiced her concerns regarding women engaging in similar actions towards men. She asserted that this practice could potentially carry risks, including the development of cervical cancer. Her statements have once again sparked discussions among her congregation and the wider public, shedding light on the complex and sensitive aspects of intimacy within relationships.

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