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Inside Kennedy Rapudo’s Business Earning Him Millions

by Paul Nyongesa
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Kennedy Rapudo, the fiancé of social media sensation Amber Ray, has recently provided a revealing glimpse into his successful travel business, which has amassed him a substantial fortune.

In an exclusive interview with Oga Obinna, Rapudo opened up about his journey in the travel industry, shedding light on his rise to entrepreneurial prominence.

Rapudo’s voyage into the travel industry commenced in 2015 when he entered the ride-hailing sector, managing a fleet of cars operating under the Uber platform.

However, his true breakthrough came when he secured a position with a renowned Dutch travel company specializing in organizing tours primarily tailored to clients from the Netherlands.

Reflecting on this pivotal moment, Rapudo stated, “After that, I left my job in 2015 and delved into various business pursuits. I had a fleet of cars. Subsequently, I began working for a Dutch company, engaging in the domain of tours and travel.”

The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic presented formidable challenges to businesses worldwide, and Rapudo’s Dutch travel company was no exception.

Facing workforce reductions, Rapudo took the initiative to establish his own travel enterprise, demonstrating his resilience and adaptability.

“When the Corona pandemic struck, we faced layoffs. Subsequently, I took the step of launching my own travel company,” Rapudo explained.

Despite weathering allegations of questionable financial activities, Rapudo candidly acknowledged the remarkable profitability of his travel business. This success is a testament to his unwavering dedication and astute business acumen.

Rapudo’s early life was marked by a diverse upbringing, as he moved across various regions of Kenya due to his mother’s occupation.

From his birthplace in Mombasa to Kisumu, Rift Valley, and beyond, Rapudo’s childhood experiences laid the foundation for his enterprising spirit.

In his pursuit of stability, Rapudo ventured into various endeavors, from street vending to brick making and poultry farming. These early struggles forged his determination and resilience, shaping him into the tenacious individual he is today.

Driven by his aspirations, Rapudo pursued higher education, earning his first Master’s degree from the University of Nairobi. He collaborated with esteemed oil companies like TULO and Africa Oil, contributing to research efforts within the sector.

Rapudo’s relentless pursuit of knowledge and success eventually led him to the United States International University (USIU), where he pursued his second Master’s degree, fueled by his appreciation for their academic programs.

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