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Nairobi Woman Chozen Phoebe: Where Do Girls Get the Audacity to Visit a Boy Who Sleeps Like He’s in a Kitchen?

by Paul Nyongesa
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Social media can be both a platform for expression and a breeding ground for controversy, as recently demonstrated by a Twitter user @Chozen Phoebe who found herself at the center of a storm after posting a rather candid opinion on relationships.

The tweet in question read, “Forexample as a girl where do you get the audacity to visit a boy who sleeps like he’s in a kitchen 🤨 a boy who can’t even manage to rent an apartment and you call him a boyfriend! 😭 You’re one of the reasons why girls are still called cheap 🥺🥺.”

The post immediately ignited a heated debate, prompting Kenyan Twitter users to respond with a mix of criticism, mockery, and thoughtful insights.

While some argued that the tweet was baseless and uncalled for, others expressed their own perspectives on relationships and personal growth.

One user, Sir. Sagini (@abelsagini_1), responded, “Sometimes if you don’t have anything to post just let the day slide. What you posted here is null and void.” This sentiment echoed the notion that sharing content should offer value or contribute positively to the discourse.

Another user, Maccos 🇰🇪 (@Maccoscyrus), took a more direct approach, advising, “If your head is empty, please try your best and have shame.” This response underscores the growing trend of online communities holding individuals accountable for the content they share.

Wily (@sserwaddawilbe1) chimed in, attributing the challenges faced by single women in their mid-20s to early 30s to a societal preference for established partners. The tweet suggested that seeking established men can lead to unequal power dynamics, highlighting the importance of recognizing and appreciating individuals for who they are, regardless of their current financial status.

However, amidst the criticism, there were also voices of reason and empathy.

Egline Samoei (@Egline_Samoei) offered a balanced perspective, stating, “To each of their own. For those who bear this situation are okay with it and understand no situation is permanent. Such situation is part of growth and a journey. Hata Recho na Ruto waliishi Kawangare bana😄.”

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