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Pamela Odhiambo: Woman Who quit banking job manager for cooking

by Paul Nyongesa
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In 2015, Pamellah Oduor was a rising star in the corporate world, having achieved the coveted position of a bank manager.

Despite her accomplishments, she couldn’t ignore the gnawing feeling that something essential was missing from her life.

Following her heart, Pamellah made a bold decision: she quit her stable corporate job to embark on a culinary adventure that would lead her to unexpected success.

The catalyst for this significant change was Pamellah’s growing passion for cooking.

She had started a catering business named Spice Land, which began to flourish beyond her expectations. Though initially a part-time venture, Pamellah’s instincts told her it was time for a transformation.

“Being a bank manager no longer made sense,” she asserted during an Interview with TUKO.CO.KE, as she decided to embrace her culinary aspirations and embark on a path less traveled.

Pamellah’s decision wasn’t without its challenges.

Just as her catering business gained momentum, the year 2020 brought an unprecedented blow to the hospitality industry.

Undeterred, Pamellah adapted to the changing landscape, introducing home deliveries and expanding into the niche of fried fish offerings, even reaching customers in far-flung places like Nyeri and Mombasa.

However, even in the face of hardship, Pamellah’s resilience shone through. When her fish supplier struggled to meet demand, she didn’t hesitate to pivot once again.

Her journey exemplifies the adage that when one door closes, another opens. The pandemic prompted Pamellah to redefine her business, focusing on family meals and capitalizing on her newfound clientele from the diaspora.

Today, Pamellah is more than just a culinary entrepreneur; she’s an inspiration to others.

She established the “Let’s Cook Kenyan Meals” Facebook group, a haven for like-minded food enthusiasts.

Through this platform, she shares her expertise and passion, and she’s even trained numerous individuals who have gone on to start their own culinary enterprises.


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