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Kenya’s Pharmacy and Poisons Board Bans Yoni Pearls: Prohibits Sale, Usage, and Distribution for Vaginal Detoxification

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The Pharmacy and Poisons Board (PPB) in Kenya has issued a cautionary notice regarding the use of Yoni Pearls, a product that has gained popularity among women for its purported benefits in “vaginal detoxification.”

Yoni Pearls, also known as herbal tampons or cleansing pearls, have become a trend among women seeking solutions for vaginal health concerns.

However, the PPB has clarified that these products are not authorized for use in Kenya and may pose potential health risks.

In an official public statement, the PPB highlighted that the safety, quality, and effectiveness of Yoni Pearls cannot be guaranteed.

“The PPB notifies the public that Yoni pearls is neither registered nor authorised for use in Kenya as required under the pharmacy and poisons Act Cap 244,” PPB CEO Fred Siyoi said.

“Therefore their usage poses potential health risks as the PPB cannot guarantee their quality safety and efficacy,” Siyoi said.

“In light of this, PPB strongly advices against the distribution, supply, sale or use of the aforementioned product and any other unregistered products with similar claims.”

The board urged both the general public and healthcare providers to promptly report any suspicious health products or technologies to them  through the website or the USSD code *271#.

The popularity of Yoni Pearls has risen due to claims that they can address issues such as recurrent vaginal infections, ovarian cysts, and infertility. Women have been seeking these alternatives in an effort to find relief from their reproductive health concerns.

However, after using the product, the results are very different. Aside from the vaginal infections, Kenyan women have also reported contracting yeast infections, and bacterial vaginosis.

Retail Price

The retail price of a single pack of Yoni Pearls, that contains three pieces, goes for an average price of Ksh 650 or higher depending on the store.

How To Use Yoni Pearls

The instructions for using Yoni Pearls involve inserting the tampon into the vagina and leaving it for two days before removal to help cleanse and detoxify the area. The pearls work by drawing out toxins and promoting blood circulation.

Women may use yoni pearls to address issues like odor, discomfort, and irregular periods.

Despite their increasing popularity, the PPB’s warning highlights the lack of proper authorization and regulation for these products, emphasizing the potential risks associated with their use, and the need to consult doctors before trying them, as their effectiveness and safety may vary for each individual.

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