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Intriguing Confession: Betty Kyallo Gets Candid About Her Mystery Man – ‘Ako Chocolate na Ana Ndevu Kiasi Yake

by Paul Nyongesa
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Media personality Betty Kyallo has recently sparked intrigue and curiosity by sharing a glimpse of her new romantic interest.

In a conversation with Milele FM’s Ankali Ray, Kyallo openly acknowledged the presence of a new man in her life, but she kept tight-lipped about revealing any further specifics.

As Ankali pressed for more information regarding the identity of this mystery man, Kyallo firmly stated that she was not ready to unveil his face or disclose his name at this point in time. ]

With a playful tone, she questioned the necessity for anyone to see him and pondered the potential benefits of such disclosure. Her primary intention seemed to be maintaining his privacy.

Even as Ankali dug deeper, attempting to extract hints like the man’s name or the first letter of his name, Kyallo’s response remained consistent – she laughed off the inquiries and refrained from sharing any such details.

Nevertheless, Kyallo did provide a few intriguing insights into the characteristics of her newfound partner.

She described him as having a delightful chocolate complexion and a well-groomed beard that struck a harmonious balance. In a lighthearted manner, she contrasted his beard with that of her previous partner, highlighting the differences.

Interestingly, Kyallo also hinted that this new beau is not from Mombasa, subtly alluding to her past relationship which had connections to that region.

“Ni mwanaume tu, ako chocolate, ndevu kiasi yake si ile ingine, amebalance, si wa Mombasa, niliacha huko. Kwaheri nahang up,” she shared.

Translated, she expressed, “He’s just a man, he’s chocolate in complexion, and his beard is not as full as the previous one, but it’s well-groomed. He’s not from Mombasa; I left that behind. Goodbye.”

Despite Ankali’s persistent curiosity, Kyallo remained steadfast in her decision to keep the details under wraps. The conversation eventually wrapped up when Kyallo mentioned needing to attend to a client.

Since her public separation from her ex-husband and subsequent romantic entanglements, Betty Kyallo’s love life has been a subject of great interest among both her fans and the media. Her recent hints about a new relationship have only added fuel to the curiosity surrounding her personal affairs.

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