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Kamene Goro’s Relationship in Crisis as DJ Bones’ Ex-Lover Messages Ignite Jealousy and Suspicion

by Paul Nyongesa
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Media personality Kamene Goro has recently expressed her disappointment after discovering that her husband, DJ Bonez, is maintaining contact with one of his ex-lovers.

The revelation came to light during the latest episode of Kamene and Obinna’s YouTube channel, where they delved into the topic of whether it’s appropriate for couples to stay in touch with their former partners even after moving on to new relationships.

During the episode, Kamene openly shared her concerns, revealing that her husband was still communicating with his ex-girlfriend. What troubled her even more was the amicable nature of their relationship. She confessed feeling uneasy about the apparent closeness her husband shared with his ex-partner.

“They are amicable, which I don’t like,” Kamene candidly stated.

DJ Bonez posed a hypothetical scenario to Obinna, asking whether he would deny assistance if his ex-partner requested a favor related to networking or connections. This led to a deeper discussion about the boundaries of communication with ex-lovers.

Kamene recounted an incident that heightened her suspicions. She explained how she noticed her husband interacting with his ex-lover on social media during a meeting they were both attending.

This discovery left her feeling unsettled, and it resulted in a strained conversation between the couple later that evening.

Describing the situation further, Kamene revealed, “During a meeting, we were all on our phones. I saw him on DMs and recognized the name.

After an hour and a half, I asked him about the name of his ex-girlfriend, and he confirmed it. That’s when I stopped talking that night.”

The following day, Kamene decided to directly address the issue by texting DJ Bonez to discuss the matter further.

In a previous episode of their YouTube channel, DJ Bonez had shared his own past experiences, revealing that he had a girlfriend for two years after his baby mama, prior to Kamene Goro entering his life.

Kamene also opened up about her own challenges with DJ Bonez’s toxic baby mama, recalling instances when the woman’s friends would call into her radio show just to insult her.

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