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Inside Akothee’s Explosive WhatsApp Group with Baby Daddies

by Paul Nyongesa
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Akothee, the renowned singer and performer, is not one to shy away from sharing intimate details of her life.

In a recent candid interview with TV47, she opened up about her unique approach to parenting her five children from three different fathers.

Instead of succumbing to the challenges of juggling responsibilities, Akothee took matters into her own hands and created a WhatsApp group to foster co-parenting among her baby daddies.

Through this innovative platform, they aim to handle overwhelming parental responsibilities together, providing emotional and financial support to their children.

However, co-parenting has its share of challenges, and Akothee was quick to admit that one of her baby daddies proved to be particularly dramatic and possessive.

This dynamic added an interesting twist to the group, with the individual causing emotional distress and tension by objecting to Akothee’s involvement with other men.

Despite the obstacles, Akothee remains determined to make the arrangement work for the sake of her children, but it is not without its fair share of hurdles.

The singer’s journey as a parent is intertwined with her past relationships and marriages. Akothee’s first marriage, which she entered into at a tender age of 14, had a meager budget of Sh2500.

In stark contrast, her recent wedding was a grand affair, reportedly costing around Sh8 million, a testament to how far she has come since her humble beginnings.

Akothee’s love life has been nothing short of eventful. After enduring struggles with an ex-husband who denied her access to essential documents, she took control of her life by working as a taxi driver in Mombasa to support herself.

During this time, fate intervened, and she met a ‘stubborn’ mzungu who expressed a desire to have a child with her while she was working as a dancer.

Akothee confidently stated that she has never been dumped by any of her ex-lovers, asserting that she always leaves them. Her self-proclaimed status as “Madam Boss” underscores her strong and empowered outlook on relationships.

Despite her controversial and outspoken nature, Akothee’s recent marriage to Denis Schweizer seems to have brought her immense happiness.

However, she issued a stern warning to her husband, should they ever part ways, urging him to avoid unnecessary drama, as she feels she is too old to handle additional pressures.

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