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Shock as Wife Causes Stir During Wedding, Refuses to Say ‘I Will Obey You’ to Husband, Guests React

by Paul Nyongesa
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A wedding ceremony in Atlanta, USA, recently made headlines when a confident Black bride refused to utter the words “I will obey you” while exchanging vows with her groom.

The powerful moment was captured on video by @idovideographyatlanta and has since gone viral, sparking a wide range of reactions and discussions.

As the couple stood before their loved ones and the officiating minister, the bride took a stand against the traditional wedding vow that requires a woman to promise obedience to her husband.

She confidently expressed that this specific line had not been discussed during their counseling sessions, and she was not comfortable with it. Her refusal to repeat the phrase “I will obey you” caught everyone by surprise, and it became a significant moment of empowerment and assertiveness.

The minister attempted to find a resolution by offering to say that part for her, but the bride stood firm in her stance, insisting that they proceed without it.

Her courageous act challenged the norm and raised questions about the relevance and significance of such patriarchal vows in modern-day marriages.

The video of the bride’s refusal has sparked lively discussions on social media, with people expressing various opinions about her decision.

Many praised her courage to challenge a vow that they consider outdated and patriarchal. On the other hand, some criticized her for picking and choosing elements of the wedding vows, suggesting that if she accepts everything else, she should also accept this part.

One social media user commented, “But she wants everything he has to offer, but not listen to her husband.” This perspective highlights the complexities surrounding societal expectations of marital roles and individual desires for equality and autonomy within a marriage.

Another user compared wedding vows to “terms and agreements,” suggesting that the bride was scrutinizing the fine print with a magnifying glass. This humorous comment touches on the idea that couples should openly discuss and agree upon the terms of their union, including the language used in their vows.

One person shared their own experience, stating, “I asked the obey part to be left out. The preacher looked at me like [surprised emoji]. He is not my dad; he is my husband. GO GIRL!!!!” This comment underscores the shift in attitudes towards marriage, emphasizing the importance of mutual respect and partnership rather than traditional notions of hierarchy.

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