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Hatutaki Akothee Huku! ACK Bishop Chases Away Akothee from Attending Talent Show at Ng’iya Girls High School

by Paul Nyongesa
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Controversial singer Esther Akothee found herself at the center of a heated debate over her scheduled appearance as the keynote speaker at a talent show in Ng’iya Girls High School, Siaya County.

However, the much-anticipated event faced cancellation following concerns raised by alumni, members of the public, and the ACK bishop of the area, who questioned her suitability as a role model for the students.

The decision to cancel Akothee’s appearance was reportedly influenced by a WhatsApp screenshot shared by the President of Single Mothers, which revealed that the ACK bishop expressed discomfort with the singer’s presence at the event.

The bishop’s disapproval led to a meeting with the school’s principal, Madam Hellen, where it was allegedly made clear that Akothee’s participation would not be welcomed.

”We shall have to cancell the event because the ACK bishop of the area is not comfortable with our presence. They even went to the school and were very hard on the principal, madam hellen,” the screenshot read.

In response to the cancellation, Akothee took to her social media pages to express gratitude towards Madam Hellen, the school’s principal. She thanked her for the kindness and support she had shown in the past, especially during her visit to Sinyolo Girls, where she witnessed Madam Hellen’s commitment to helping the less fortunate.

The singer acknowledged that Madam Hellen’s new foundation within Ngiya Girls High School would positively impact many lives and put the institution on the global map.

Despite the cancellation, Akothee emphasized her continued dedication to supporting charitable causes that leave a positive impact on society.

She pledged to support such initiatives, even from her current standing, and expressed appreciation for the love and faith Madam Hellen had shown her.

Despite the cancellation of her appearance, Akothee remained positive and vowed to continue supporting any cause that leaves a positive impact on society.

She acknowledged the Bishop’s concerns and emphasized the importance of praying for each other as sinners, hoping to meet in heaven someday.

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