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Mzazi Willy Tuva breaks silence over allegation of scamming a kenyan artist Sh 500,000

by Paul Nyongesa
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Radio host Mzazi Willy Tuva, renowned for his contributions to East African music has broken his silence after he was accused of conning an upcoming artist.

The artist, known as Danny Dee, alleged that Tuva, alongside Tanzanian artist Darasa, orchestrated a scheme to defraud him of Sh500,000.

In response to these grave accusations, Tuva took to the airwaves, addressing the issue head-on during a phone interview with Trudy Kitu on April 15.

He vehemently denied any direct involvement in fraudulent activities but rather positioned himself as a facilitator in connecting artists within the industry.

“I am not an artist; I simply facilitated the connection. The only artist who ever approached me wanted to work with Darassa. He was still not a relatively unknown artist. He asked me to connect him because I had previously connected with other artists with big artists,” Tuva explained.

e. Tuva, understanding the financial constraints of Danny Dee, intervened to negotiate a lower fee with Darasa, thereby enabling the collaboration to proceed.

Despite the financial matters being resolved, the collaboration ultimately fell short of expectations due to Danny Dee’s performance failing to meet Darasa’s standards.

“Huyu msanii kulingana na kazi alikuwa nafanya, hakuwa anaweza kuafford kulipa the amount Darassa alikuwa anataka sijui kama ilikuwa laki tano. Alifanikiwa baadaye na akanitumia, na mi niktumia Darassa.

Tuva revealed that Darasa, after recording with Danny Dee, advised the upcoming artist to hone his craft before attempting further collaborations.

Tuva staunchly defended his actions throughout the ordeal, asserting that he fulfilled his obligations with integrity and transparency.

Expressing surprise at the accusations leveled against him, Tuva reached out to Darasa to confirm the situation, only to find that Danny Dee had not fulfilled his part in the collaboration.

“I did my part with a clear conscience. He wouldn’t have been able to enter the studio without paying the amount Darassa requested,” Tuva stated.





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