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Man Takes to Social Media to Market Himself, Citing High Cost of Living

by Paul Nyongesa
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A middle-aged man from Ghana, Samuel Mensah, has sparked a digital conversation after taking to the market to advertise what he described as the hardships of life.

Speaking in an interview with a local blogger, Mensah sadly revealed that life had become unbearable for him, prompting him to offer himself for sale.

In the poignant interview, Mensah disclosed that he now resides in an unfinished building. He also claimed that his children are living with their mother in the village because he cannot afford to take care of them in the city.

During the interview, Mensah provided his contact information for potential buyers to reach out to him.

The video has stirred mixed emotions, with some suggesting he should relocate to the village if life in the city has become too challenging, while others expressed concerns about the implications of someone being “bought” either as a slave or a servant.

“Who paid him to do this? He can go wash clothes or work as a barber; he has options. If Accra is expensive, he should move. Give him a job today, and he’ll quit after two months, saying the pay isn’t enough,” one commenter said.

“The term ‘buying’ should be clarified. He needs to explain how he wants to be ‘bought’ and in what capacity,” another questioned.

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