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Naomi Ogutu: University Lecturer who started as Uber driver in the US only to end up running Multi-million tour company

by Paul Nyongesa
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Naomi Ogutu is a Kenyan born entrepreneur based in New York City , who has found immense success in the land of opportunity.

Naomi left the country in 2012 with her three children with an idea of becoming one of the many Kenyans who have ended up coming out successful abroad.

Upon arriving in New York City, Naomi quickly realized that making ends meet in a city as competitive as this would require more than just hard work – it would demand innovation and a willingness to embrace change.

With her children’s future hanging in the balance, she wasted no time in seeking out opportunities to carve a path for herself in her new home.

Faced with the daunting task of supporting her family in an unfamiliar city, Naomi took up a job as a cab driver for a taxi-hailing company.

Day in and day out, she navigated the chaotic streets of New York, ferrying passengers from one destination to another.

Yet, amidst the hustle and bustle of city life, Naomi’s mind was always teeming with ideas, fueled by her unwavering determination to succeed.


As she drove past the iconic Hudson River each day, Naomi couldn’t help but envision a future where she would not only survive but thrive as an entrepreneur.

Determined to turn her dreams into reality, she immersed herself in the intricacies of the taxi business, researching and learning from fellow drivers to gain a deeper understanding of the industry.

But Naomi’s ambitions didn’t stop there.

Recognizing an opportunity to offer something unique to her passengers, she decided to pivot her business towards offering sightseeing tours of the city.

Armed with her intimate knowledge of New York’s geography and landmarks, she transformed her cab into a mobile tour guide, delighting her passengers with personalized experiences and insider knowledge.

Despite the initial challenges she faced – from managing customer expectations to dealing with cancellations and high operational costs – Naomi remained steadfast in her pursuit of success.

With grit and determination, she overcame every obstacle that stood in her way, emerging stronger and more resilient than ever before.

Today, Naomi’s tour business is thriving, with clients ranging from tourists to celebrities, all eager to experience the magic of New York through her eyes. But for Naomi, success is not just measured in profits and accolades – it’s about fulfilling a promise she made to herself and her children, to never give up on their dreams no matter how daunting the journey may seem.

As she looks towards the future, Naomi’s ambitions remain as boundless as ever. From purchasing a boat to offer river tours to expanding her business beyond the confines of New York City, she continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible, proving that with hard work, determination, and a little bit of ingenuity, anything is achievable.

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