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Jiandaeni! Jesus of Tongaren predicts the day the world will end

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Controversial Kenyan prophet Eliud Wekesa, also known as Jesus of Tongaren, has predicted a major event that will occur globally in approximately the next three decades.

Speaking in an interview with a local radio station, Mr. Wekesa, who claims to be the real Jesus Christ, asserted that God plans to bring an end to the current generation by the year 2058.

He stated that a strange horse will appear, causing people to disappear as they gaze upon it. “According to the state of the world’s end, if you read Isaiah 24, you will be told that Almighty God will twist the face of the earth,” said Jesus of Tongaren. “The world itself will not end, but only this generation, which God has placed on the face of the earth, will end from this year onwards. Every eye will see the horse with a bridle on its head and disappear, as I was told it would be in 2058. But it’s not that the world will end; people will end.”

The controversial prophet claimed that Almighty God will eliminate people just as He did with Sodom and Gomorrah. However, he asserted that he would not be among those who perish, as he believes he will attain eternal life. “I am of eternal life. I was with Him from the beginning,” he said.

He also took the opportunity to urge Kenyans to be more vigilant and requested God’s help in opening their eyes to see what is happening.

In an earlier interview last year with Massawe Japanni, Mr. Simiyu opened up about various aspects of his life. In the interview, he revealed that he did not pursue his studies beyond a certain level.

The elderly man from Bungoma, who claims to be Jesus Christ returned to earth for the second time to redeem humanity, stated that the Bible does not mention Jesus’ educational background. “Where in the Bible did you see the educational history of Jesus?” Simiyu questioned when asked about his level of education.

The father of eight disclosed that he only completed his studies up to the eighth grade and did not progress beyond that. Despite not having extensive education, Mr. Simiyu emphasized that he has been able to spiritually visit all nations worldwide.

“At this moment, I have spiritually visited all nations of the world, and even the world is now watching me on television,” he said.

He revealed that he founded his church, ‘Church of Jesus,’ in 2009 and has been propagating the gospel for over a decade. He stated that his church has twelve prophets and other members.

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