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Jean Claude: I Left My Wife to Marry My Mother-In-Law, Now I Live to Regret It

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In a deeply personal video, Jean Claude from the DRC shares his unconventional and heart-wrenching story of leaving his wife for her mother.

Join Jean Claude as he candidly discusses the decisions that have reshaped his life, with the hope of imparting a lesson that may prevent others from facing a similar fate.

Jean claims that his story began when he was sent on a mission to work in Bukavo.

During the journey on a ship, he met a lady named Linda, and they quickly formed a connection.

Despite the long journey, their camaraderie made it seem short.

Jean claims that he was once sent on a mission to work in Bukavo. While traveling to that place on the use of a ship, he met a lady named Linda.

“We introduced ourselves, shared food, and had fun. This made our journey seem short even though it was actually quite long,” Jean said during an interview with Afrimax English.

Upon arriving in Bukavo, Jean and Linda went separate ways but continued to keep in touch as they communicated daily via WhatsApp. Eventually, Linda expressed the desire to introduce Jean to her parents, seeing potential in him as a future husband.

However, she would later regret this decision.

“I went to their home and found out they stay with her mother alone. Her mother looked so young, and I initially thought she was her elder sister. They gave me a warm welcome from then on; when I had time, I would visit them. And that’s how I ended up falling in love with Linda,” he said.

However, one evening everything changed when Jean visited Linda unexpectedly, as he often did without giving her prior notice.

“I entered their home, but Linda wasn’t there; only her mother was present. The way she behaved was surprisingly seductive, and I felt the urge to leave immediately,”

However, the mother-in-law suggested to him that Linda’s absence shouldn’t make him leave urgently, and he should socialize with whoever was available.

“So I decided to stay, hoping that Linda wouldn’t be gone for long,” he narrated.

It was at this point that Linda’s mother, dressed in tight clothes that showed her figure, sat next to Jean Claude. Jean saw nothing inappropriate with it, as he thought that maybe it was part of their culture.

“She began to whisper sweet words to me, expressing her love, but I, from my heart, told her it was impossible. I asked her to stop, emphasizing that I loved her daughter and it was unthinkable to harbor feelings for both her and Linda,”

For the second time in a row, Jean visited Linda’s home and found she was missing, hence starting to think if it was a set-up. Her mother was clearly flirting, and he had no intention of reciprocating.

Jean’s mission in Bukavo ended, and he returned back to his homestead, where he shared with his parents that he had found a partner and he was ready to marry.

After a few days, Jean returned to Bukavo to meet Linda when they agreed and started living together, and after six months, they started preparing for a wedding.

After months of staying together, Linda’s mother visited them in their home and stayed there for two weeks.

“One day I was off work, and Linda was at the hair salon. I encountered her mother in an uncompromising situation. Overwhelmed, I couldn’t fend off her advances. We ended up having an affair, and Linda found us red-handed; she was so devastated and hurt by the betrayal that she decided to leave,” Jean said.

With no other option, Jean decided to leave with the mother-in-law.

In many ways, she took the role of my wife, but in my heart, I felt alone because I was always thinking of Linda, the only woman I have truly loved,” Jean said.

Jean said he deeply regrets his actions as he has already dumped his mother-in-law.

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