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Azziad Nasenya finally reacts over Brian Chira’s death

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Content creator Azziad Nasenya recently addressed questions from fans concerning her past feud with Brian Chira, breaking her silence during a Live session on TikTok.

During the session, Azziad’s followers inquired whether she had forgiven Chira following their public dispute in 2023.

Although she didn’t directly address the matter, Azziad cryptically mentioned that only Chira knew whether she had forgiven him, leaving the issue in divine hands.

Despite persistent inquiries, Azziad made it clear she wouldn’t discuss the circumstances surrounding Chira’s passing.

She emphasized her stance, stating, “Imagine I can’t speak about that. You guys know me too well. I am not the kind of person who will take a phone and say things. You will never get me, you will never catch me doing that.”

The history between Azziad and Chira began in July 2023 when Chira was arrested for allegedly making defamatory accusations against Azziad. He was detained overnight, and legal action was initiated by Azziad’s legal team.

Allegations included Chira leaking Azziad’s personal phone number, resulting in abusive calls and messages directed towards her.

Chira’s actions while in police custody added fuel to the controversy, as he appealed for assistance and implied regret for his actions. According to a police report, Chira died in an accident in the Karuri area on March 16.


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