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Willis Raburu : I Was Told My Twa Twa Game is Weak Because of being Overweight

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Renowned TV journalist and popular media personality, Willis Raburu, recently shared his experiences with cyberbullying during an interview with Mungai Eve. Raburu candidly revealed that he has been a target of online harassment for an extended period, primarily centred around derogatory comments about his body weight.

In the discussion, Raburu recounted instances where bullies seized the opportunity to insult him, focusing on his physical appearance. One particularly hurtful comment came from a female fan who suggested that Raburu’s weight negatively affected his bedroom prowess. Reflecting on this hurtful remark, Raburu expressed deep emotional pain, emphasizing that he will never forget those words. In response, he addressed the fan directly, asserting his confidence in that aspect of his life and highlighting that his wife has never raised any complaints.

Navigating the pervasive issue of cyberbullying, Raburu shared some insights into his coping mechanisms. The media personality mentioned that he often resorts to blocking individuals engaging in bullying behaviour on social media. Additionally, Raburu acknowledged that he occasionally fires back at the bullies or chooses to ignore negative comments, focusing instead on the positive feedback he receives.

Having developed resilience over time, Raburu clarified that he pursued weight loss surgery for health reasons rather than succumbing to the pressure of insults—the surgery, which cost him Ksh. 900,000, is a lifelong commitment, and Raburu is actively working towards shedding weight.

Offering advice to individuals struggling with weight-related issues, Raburu recommended considering weight loss surgery in Kenya, emphasizing its affordability and safety. In conclusion, Raburu’s openness about his experiences aims to shed light on cyberbullying while providing insights into effective coping mechanisms and encouraging self-improvement for health rather than external pressures.

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