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Shocking revelations as pastor recorded applying oil to a woman’s private parts explain what happened

by Paul Nyongesa
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Pastor Danson Gichuhi, popularly known as Bishop Johanna, has finally come forward to clarify and defend himself following numerous accusations stemming from a viral video depicting him allegedly ‘casting out demons’ from a woman in what many have deemed as inappropriate.

The video, which has been circulating on various social media platforms for approximately two days, shows Bishop Johanna applying oil to various parts of the body of a woman lying on her back, while praying for her. The woman, identified as Wanjiru, sought help from the pastor to address marital issues she was facing.

“The video was taken on Friday. The woman had come from Nairobi. She had many marital problems. Her husband had abandoned her with three children and taken up with another woman. He would come home during the day and leave again later,” recounted Bishop Johanna in an interview with Kururia TV.

He added, “When her husband was away, the woman saw my number and called me. She said she wanted to come to my church so I could assist her. When she came, I ministered to her, I saw the problems she was facing (I usually see people’s problems). I told her there was a woman called ‘Carol’ who had taken her husband. Carol is the woman who took Wanjiru’s husband. That woman is called Wanjiru.”

The controversial clergyman explained that the demons identifying themselves as Carol spoke to him and revealed that they had visited a traditional healer and had been anointed with medicine all over their bodies in order to attract Wanjiru’s husband back.

Defending his method of casting out demons, Johanna cited a biblical verse about the need for the sick to seek elders of the church to anoint them with oil for healing.

“There are demons that require anointing with oil; there are demons that require prayers. The demon that the woman had required to be anointed with oil just as a traditional healer anoints demons with medicine. Therefore, I did not break any religious laws; I acted in accordance with teachings,” he stated.

The video depicting Johanna praying for Wanjiru continues to evoke mixed reactions on social media, with many criticizing his actions.

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