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“I’m Casually Dead” Last Conversation of Ciru Muriuki and Charles Ouda Emerges

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Charles Ouda, a 38-year-old actor, tragically passed away shortly after sharing a video of a walk with his partner, Ciru Muriuki. The couple, engaged for five months, had been setting relationship goals for their followers. Ciru expressed her dismay about the lengthy walk in a comment on Ouda’s Instagram post, to which he playfully responded that it was just a casual stroll.

In the days leading up to his untimely death, Ouda attended a farewell party for the TV show Salem, alongside fellow cast members, including Jackie Matubia. Matubia shared videos from the event, revealing moments of joy and camaraderie among the cast, including Ouda. Little did they know it would be their last celebration together.

The actress, still grappling with the shock, posted a video of the cast dancing and rapping during the party, expressing her difficulty in coming to terms with Ouda’s sudden demise. She described the pain and longing for it all to be a dream. In a heart-wrenching statement, she shared her disbelief, saying, “It is so painful I just want to sleep and wake up, and I find you have sent me 20 reals and call me J.”

Reflecting on her last moments with Ouda, Matubia revealed that he seemed perfectly fine just hours before his passing. Recounting their time together after the Salem farewell party, she expressed shock and disbelief at the sudden loss, emphasizing that Ouda had left a lasting impact on : who knew him.

The tragic narrative of Charles Ouda’s final days underscores the fragility of life, leaving friends, fans, and fellow cast members mourning the loss of a talented actor and a cherished friend.

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