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“Why Did You Come?”: Lebanese Boss Stunned After Viral Nanny Rosie Declined a Lucrative Job Offer in Canada

by Paul Nyongesa
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The Lebanese woman who employed popular Kenyan nanny Rosie has hilariously asked her why she decided to return to Lebanon a few days ago when she flew back to the Middle Eastern country.

The TikTok clip shared by Rosie’s Lebanese employer featured a gleeful reunion with her daughters Maria and Cate.

However, amidst the joyous atmosphere, the employer couldn’t help but express curiosity about Rosie’s unexpected return to Lebanon, especially after a heartfelt video message in December urging her to stay in Kenya and explore other opportunities.

In the video, the Lebanese woman playfully questioned Rosie, saying, “Rosie, why did you come back? Even when I said, ‘Rosie, do not come back because you will have better opportunities.'”

After her return to the Middle East, Roseline, hailing from Siaya County, astonished everyone when she declined an offer to relocate to Canada after Catherine Joe, the director of Vintmark Travel Agency, proposed a job with a salary of Ksh 30,000 and a sponsored student visa.

‘Catherine Joe is searching for the viral Lebanese nanny and is offering two options – a temporary nanny job with remuneration starting from Ksh 30,000. She can work for her while awaiting the documentation process for Canada.’ Content creator Divinar Joseph stated.

Despite the offer, a number of Kenyans criticized Rosie for failing to seize the golden opportunity.

Netizens questioned her choice, revealing that education was much better than a mere nanny job.

Lillian Ythera, for instance, wondered why Vintmark did not send her to Canada.

Meanwhile, Aus Baibe Nya Masaat humorously requested the Canadian scholarship, and Maina Esther suggested that perhaps someone else received the Canada opportunity.

Rosie’s Lebanese boss had earlier asked her not to return to Lebanon and stay in Kenya.

When she heard about the opportunity in Canada, in a viral TikTok video, the Lebanese boss could be heard saying that Rosie should seize the opportunity.

In a recent interview with Pancras Karema, CEO of Expeditions Maasai Safaris, Rosie, a mother of three, shared the reasons behind her decision to leave Kenya for the Levant.

She revealed that her journey to Lebanon was prompted by the challenges in her personal life, particularly her exit from a marriage that was not working.

“I left in October 2021, and at that time, I was in a marriage that was not working, so I decided to go there and find greener pastures to give my children a good life,” she explained.

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