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Sombre Moods as Family Finally Reveals Details Leading to Tragic Murder of Nakuru Doctor Inside Hospital

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The family of Dr. Laban Kiptoo, a doctor in Nakuru who was brutally murdered last week, now claims that he was killed by people familiar with him due to workplace rivalry.

This statement comes as the government pathologist’s investigation, Dr. Titus Ngulungu, revealed that the doctor died from strangulation.

The family is now demanding accountability from the hospital and collaboration with investigative agencies to uncover the events leading up to his death. Additionally, they urge the government to expedite the investigation so that those responsible for Dr. Kiptoo’s murder can face severe legal consequences.

As of now, no suspects have been arrested in connection with the tragic death.

“We suspect that Dr. Kiptoo’s murder was planned. Therefore, the police will reveal the reasons behind his strangulation,” said Leonard Kimtai, a relative of the deceased, during an interview with Taifa Leo.

The family expressed satisfaction with the autopsy investigation, which indicated that Dr. Lang’at was strangled at his workplace.

Speaking at Dr. Kiptoo’s burial in Chematich, Cherangany, Trans Nzoia County on Saturday, the family remembered the 6-year-old deceased as a hardworking and disciplined individual. They stated that his death is a significant loss as he had just begun to climb the ladder of success.

Those attending the funeral referred to him as a dedicated professional who served people with genuine compassion. Among the attendees were fellow doctors, colleagues, and medical students from Nakuru.

“We are saddened that the investigation is taking so long even after the post-mortem and other examinations. Our son was killed inside the hospital where he worked. We are surprised why it is taking so long for the perpetrators to be found, especially when the hospital had all the necessary security measures,” said Mrs. Sara Rono, the mother of the deceased.

Dr. Kiptoo served at Nakuru Hospital, where he was continuing his professional training, particularly in the intensive care unit.

Dr. Leonard Lang’at, his brother working in Turkana, lamented that the motive behind his brother’s murder is still unknown. He called on investigative agencies to delve into the case and provide answers to the family about who killed their son.

“My brother was a calm person, and we know he had no issues with anyone. He was not confrontational, and his death is a huge loss to us,” said Mr. Lang’at.

Dr. Kiptoo graduated from Egerton University in February 2023 after studying medicine and surgery. He achieved the highest honors (first class) and joined Nakuru Hospital for his professional training after graduation.

Born in 1977, he was the fourth child in a family of five.

His body was found by security officers with no visible injuries, except for small marks indicating a struggle for self-defense.

A challenge in the investigation is that the hospital’s CCTV cameras were reportedly damaged, making it difficult to trace the events of the day he died.

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