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“Mambo Imechemka”Headteacher Caught In ‘ACTION’ With Parent In School Library

by Paulette
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In an unexpected twist of events on Tuesday evening, a 50-year-old head teacher at a local school in Bungoma left both staff and students astonished when he transformed the school library into an unconventional lodging space.

The teacher, known as Mr. Mukheshi to maintain anonymity, reportedly found himself in a compromising situation with a parent who had come to the school to obtain a copy of her daughter’s birth certificate for the ongoing class eight registration.

The parent, accompanied by a friend, arrived at the school shortly after the midday break. Following the deputy’s instructions, she left her friend in the waiting area and proceeded to the library to meet with the head teacher.

As time passed without the parents returning, her friend, Mary, grew increasingly impatient. She decided to search for her, as they had plans to go to the market together. Expressing her frustration, Mary said, “I waited for a long time and became very impatient.”

To her astonishment, Mary discovered the head teacher and her friend engaged in inappropriate behavior, with their clothes strewn across the floor. In Swahili, she exclaimed, “Hii ndio kitu mnafanya apa na Mimi nakungoja nje?” (Is this what you do while I wait outside?)

Upon Mary’s outcry, other teachers rushed to the library, witnessing the awkward scene of the two individuals hastily dressing. Mary confronted them, disapproving, “Huyu mother nampatia mtoto wake aibu gani hii?” (What shame is this that you’re giving to your child?)

To defuse the situation, several teachers intervened, dismissing the students and escorting the two female parents to the school gate. Shortly after the incident, the head teacher reportedly left the premises on his motorcycle.

Insider information suggests that this behaviour was not an isolated incident and that the head teacher had been engaging in such activities for some time, eventually learning a lesson the hard way.

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