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Kenya’s Most Followed Prophet Dr. David Owuor Brings India to a Standstill, Heals a Huge Number of Cripples and Disabled

by Paul Nyongesa
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Prophet David Edward Owuor, leader of the Repentance and Holiness Ministry, recently undertook a healing and revival mission in India, at the invitation of the Mumbai Pastors Fellowship.

The mission, which commenced on January 5th, was marked by miraculous healings and an overwhelming response from the Indian community.

Bishop Stephen Gandhi, President of the Mumbai Pastors Fellowship, expressed his satisfaction with the mission, describing it as “very successful” and noting the indelible impact it left on the people.

“His mission has indeed been a tremendous success. We have never witnessed such types of remarkable healings involving the crippled, the blind, and the deaf among many other conditions in India,” he added.

One remarkable aspect of the mission was the fulfillment of a promise made by Prophet Owuor two years ago. He had assured the organizers that upon his arrival in India, there would be a divine manifestation of rain.

True to his word, the conference experienced heavy rainfall, defying the typical dry season of January in India.

“January is often a dry season in India since the monsoon winds retreat away from the land and leave it devoid of moisture. The kind of heavy rain that we witnessed when the Man of God just arrived here was unprecedented and looks more like a script right from the Bible in the Days of Elijah.”

The Mumbai Pastors Fellowship, inspired by the success of the recent mission, has extended an invitation to Prophet Owuor for a million-strong revival crusade in India. The goal is to ignite a spiritual awakening across the nation, building on the momentum generated by the healing and revival mission.

The climax of the mission was marked by a special ceremony at the Embassy of Israel in India. Here, the Ambassador of Israel to India, Naor Gilon, presented Prophet Owuor with the prestigious Shalom Peace Award.

Prophet Owuor is set to meet with India’s government officials before concluding his visit and returning to Kenya on Monday, January 15th. The recognition and honors bestowed upon him during this mission underscore the impact of his ministry and its resonance beyond national borders.

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