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Kenya’s Car Dealer Badly Exposed: Details on How He Broke His Former Manager’s Marriage by Sending Nudes of Boss’s Ex-Wife Emerge

by Paul Nyongesa
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Khalif Kairo, known for his hugec social media presence and a man who had a  stint as the marketing manager for Kinuthia’s multimillion-dollar car dealership, has found himself entangled in a web of accusations and personal betrayal that spilled into the public domain in 2022.

In 2022, Kairo chose to part ways with Kinuthia, leading to a fallout that transcended professional boundaries.

The rift between the two escalated when Kairo, now a successful car dealer in his own right, was accused of betraying his former boss by exposing his alleged extramarital affairs.

According to popular blogger Rein Asamoh, Kairo took it upon himself to document Kinuthia’s unfaithfulness by discreetly capturing images of him with different women during their social interactions.

These images were allegedly shared with Kinuthia’s wife, resulting in the dissolution of their marriage.

“Hahaha @KhalifKairo. is indeed a woman. 

“So he was taking pictures and sending messages to wife of clement how he was cheating on her. 

“The wife divorced the husband. Men used to be men. 

“The truth will come out and folks will understand the “ car “ business,’’ wrote Asamoh.

 Despite these claims, Kairo vehemently denied any involvement in illicit financial activities through a series of posts on his Twitter account.

He suggested that Asamoh was paid by Clement Kimani, presumably Kinuthia, to tarnish his reputation.

This is what Kairo wrote;

The reason Clement Kimani is paying  @Asamoh_ money to come tarnish my name here has got everything to do with bile, bitterness and anger. Chief, move on and deal with your issues. The guys wife left him, He lost his cars , even all the sidechiqqz abandoned him , Imports by Kairo is a shell, showroom was shut down due to arrears and he has 5 criminal cases or so pending in Kenya. Meanwhile, God ensured i started from scratch. Apart from my mother Wambui who loaned me cash , the growth at Kaiandkaro is not linked to any investor but i thank every person who supports the work we do by buying and engaging us. I have no hard feelings towards Clement Kimani, everything he stole from me, God restored everything and Revenged for me. Mm nilishamsamehe and God took me to another level. I pray he finds God and learns his lesson. Na hapo ndo tunasema Amen and we move onto other things.

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