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Jackie Matubia Openly Regrets Introducing Her Ex-lover Blessing To The Public

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Just months after Jackie Matubia broke up with her fiancé and baby daddy Blessing Lung’aho, she has today regretted introducing him to her fans

The award-winning actress has infact regretted the day that she launched him as her lover and also a father of her unborn baby.

Well Jackie Matubia’s did this in a recent post on her Instagram account, where she talked about how her friend called Wanjiru had asked her about what she was planning to do on the upcoming Valentine’s Day.

This is because she thought that the mother of two was now secretly dating some man, after being single for a while.

In reaction to this however, Jackie Matubia was pissed off because she assumed that Wanjiru being her friend, ought to have known that she was still single and not have asked the question.

“Guys, imagine Wanjiru has asked me…imagine this chick is asking me ati what I’m doing for Valentine’s. Si hio ni matusi. Yaani hee! Me nimatake it personal by the way. Yaani na unajua tu…” Jackie said.

While responding to her friend, the Salem actress even remembered how she once introduced Blessing Lung’aho as her lover on Valentine’s Day of February 2022, after keeping him a secret for the longest time.

She  laughed so hard at the things that the now ex-lovebirds did then to prepare for the video shoot and the launch, unbeknownst to her that she would still end up being single.

“Nimulaunch…unajua last year, ni last year ama ni last year but one like this ndio nilikuwa nalaunchiana (laughs). Nilikuwa nalaunchiana, nalaunchiana ya Valentine’s. Unakumbuka babe tulienda uko kwote Magadi (laughs hard). Anyway what is life…” Jackie Matubia added.

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