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Intriguing things you probably didn’t know about Grace Ekirapa

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From her rich Teso, Maasai, and Indian ancestry to ending a relationship just a week after her traditional wedding, and her struggles with mental health, including suicide attempts, here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about Grace Ekirapa.

Grace Ekirapa and Pascal Tokodi

In the ever-evolving world of media personalities, Grace Ekirapa stands out not just for her captivating on-screen presence but for the rich tapestry of her life that goes beyond the television screen.

From her diverse heritage to her career milestones, songs, and even personal relationships, here’s a glimpse into the multifaceted journey of the renowned TV host.

Grace Ekirapa’s roots are a beautiful blend of Indian, Maasai, and Teso descent. Her distinctive features tell a story of her heritage – her hair, a gift from her partly Indian and Maasai mother, while her radiant smile mirrors the influence of her Teso father.

Born into a family with two siblings, Ashley and Julie, Grace’s unique background contributes to her exceptional persona.

Grace embarked on her academic journey by attending two primary schools, Juja Primary School and St Anne’s Primary School, before moving on to Kinyui Girls High School.

Excelling in her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams, she didn’t stop there. Grace pursued Theology at Bible school, adding a spiritual dimension to her academic pursuits.

She further honed her skills as a psychologist at Amani Counselling Centre, shaping her into a well-rounded individual.

In a series of videos she shared in November 2018, Grace said she tried to take her own life using pills when she was in primary school and tried again when she was in secondary school.

While in class eight, she took 18 pills of antibiotics because she was depressed. When she got to form three she tried it again and this time round she took 35 pills.

In 2012, Grace took her first steps into the media industry at the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC), hosting the popular television show Angaza.

However, fate had grander plans for her when she stepped into NTV as Faith Muturi’s replacement.

Grace became the co-host of Cross Over 101 alongside DJ Mo, solidifying her position as a prominent figure in Kenyan media.

Grace Ekirapa’s book: ‘Diary of a Praying Woman’

In 2020, Grace surprised many with her debut book, ‘Diary of a Praying Woman.’

Reflecting on her teachings during the morning sessions called Break of Dawn, the book is a compilation of 26 chapters, each backed by scriptures.

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