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” I Don’t Want to Keep Blaming Uhuru’s Regime, It Doesn’t Help” CS Kuria

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In a refreshing departure from the prevalent trend of political blame games, Moses Kuria, the Cabinet Secretary for Public Service and Performance Contract, has taken a stand that emphasizes constructive collaboration over divisive rhetoric. Kuria expressed a resolute commitment to supporting President William Ruto in realizing the ambitious agenda set forth by the Kenya Kwanza government, steering away from the common practice of blaming the previous administration led by Uhuru Kenyatta.

Here is a link: https://twitter.com/Kenyans/status/1746443617592332366?t=nIHuFjQSM9sVyoA6Lc6Jww&s=19

Kuria’s pragmatic stance reflects a keen awareness that continual blame-shifting does little to contribute to the nation’s progress. Instead, he highlighted the importance of unity and cooperation in achieving the country’s objectives. His focus on helping President Ruto deliver on his agenda underscores a commitment to a future-oriented approach, setting the tone for a more cohesive government.

President Ruto’s dedication to the nation’s development is acknowledged by Kuria, who, in contrast, expressed concern over Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua’s tendency to attribute current economic challenges to the previous regime. Kuria aptly noted that such blame games do not contribute positively and are, in fact, counterproductive to the collective goals of the nation.

Moses Kuria’s position signals a departure from the divisive rhetoric that has often characterized political discourse. His emphasis on forward-looking strategies, devoid of continual blame, resonates with a call for unity and collaboration. While recognizing the challenges Kenya faces, Kuria advocates for solutions-oriented approaches, urging a collective effort to address economic woes.

As Kenya navigates its political landscape, Moses Kuria’s shift away from the blame game narrative embodies a vision of a focused and united nation, striving towards progress under the leadership of President William Ruto.

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