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“Alieka k**tu yangu Kwa mdomo” Pastor James Ng’ang’a on why he divorced his first wife from Ukambani

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Pastor James Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism has narrated of his experience in the first marriage to a Kamba woman describing it as a horror movie.

To Ng’ang’a,sex should just be for procreation and the styles that come with it in pursuit for pleasure are unnecessary.

“Mimi nikikuwa nimeoa Kamene kutoka Ukambani karibu nikufe. Kichwa ilikonda juu alikuwa akinitaka kila wakati. Hata kuna wakati alieka kitu yangu kwa mdomo and I could not take it anymore and ended that relationship” Pastor Ng’ang’a said in a statement.

Kenyans on social media platforms have ganged up to criticize the televangelist for parading the dirty linen of his first wife to the public and reminding him to respect the mother of his children and the women fraternity in the country.


Police In Nairobi are investigating an incident where a man who has been identified as John Matara has been accused of assaulting women in different Airbnbs.

In a report that a reliable source of information has shared, it has been reported that the suspect who was arrested by Police officers who allegedly found him seeking medical assistance at Mbagathi hospital after allegedly killing a woman who has been identified as Starlet Wahu Mwangi.

According to the reports given by the police, the deceased is said to have been found dead in an Airbnb apartment in South B, a Cctv would later show that the suspect had booked the room together with the deceased. He was later seen Fleeing from the crime scene by a guard who allegedly noticed that the suspect had blood stain in his clothes.

The family of the deceased, pastor Kanyari who spoke about this incident has revealed that the deceased is his younger sister adding that the deceased was told to pay ksh 500,000 before she was Killed by the suspect who has been accused of allegedly assaulting women.

Several sources have confirmed that a woman has come out to allege how they used to lure men who were beaten and robbed by these suspects.

According to the reports given by the woman, the suspect would use beautiful women to lure foreign men into their alleged houses ‘Airbnb’ These suspects would later come and claim that the victim was sleeping with their wives, beat and rob them.

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