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Moses Ngotho Githinji: Kenyan Engineer who Left the Country for the US, Ended up Working as a Dishwasher, Now Serving in the US Navy

by Paul Nyongesa
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Moses Ngotho Githinji, originally from Kirinyaga County in Kenya, has defied the odds to become a key figure in the US Navy recruitment process.

Githinji’s American dream began in 2011 when he and his family won a green card, prompting them to relocate to the US.

Far from his roots in Juja, Kenya, where he had worked as an engineer for a local company, Githinji faced the harsh reality that his qualifications did not meet the criteria for a similar career in the US.

Undeterred, he took on a job washing dishes, a far cry from his professional background.

The turning point in Githinji’s journey came when he landed a packaging job at a warehouse, where he crossed paths with a Ghanaian colleague who floated the idea of joining the Navy.

Despite having no prior inclination toward a military career, Githinji found himself captivated by the prospect, driven by the need to provide a sustainable means of support for his family, particularly as his wife pursued a nursing course.

Motivated by this newfound goal, Githinji sought the assistance of a recruiter to navigate the intricate application process.

His commitment and determination impressed the recruiter, securing him a spot in the Navy.

The transition from dishwashing to military service was not without its challenges, but Githinji persevered through the necessary training and officially joined the Navy in 2013.

Interestingly, Githinji noted the differences between the recruitment processes in Kenya and the United States, emphasizing the less stringent dental requirements in the US military compared to the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF).

Overcoming initial fears within his family regarding potential deployment to war zones, Githinji assured them of his commitment to building a successful and safe career in the Navy.

Githinji’s service in the Navy extended until 2018 when he made a significant shift to a recruiting role.

In this capacity, he has played a vital role in encouraging and assisting young individuals interested in enlisting.

His advice to work closely with a recruiter who understands individual goals underscores the importance of mentorship and personalized guidance in navigating military opportunities.

Throughout his military service, Githinji pursued a course in Cyber Security, with the Navy covering all associated expenses.

As Githinji looks forward to his graduation in 2024, he extends an invitation to fellow Kenyans, urging them to consider applying for the US military.

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