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Meet Murang’a Women Paying Ksh 300,000 to Men To Get Them Pregnant

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The business of purchasing male seeds is gaining popularity in Murang’a County, where some women are reportedly paying up to Ksh 300,000 for impregnation services.

Preferred candidates for this unconventional trade are men aged between 20 and 40, particularly those pursuing courses that these independent women, referred to as “Miss Independents,” deem intellectually sound.

Additionally, women involved in this trade express a preference for taller men with a moderate skin tone, not too fair and not excessively dark.

One woman in the area informed Taifa Leo that contemporary women who value their independence shy away from the hassles of marriage, opting instead to “seek seeds to bear and continue their lineage.”

“In the process of bearing children, we carefully consider the luck of having attractive offspring and also a genetically adept brain that can excel academically,” said the woman.

In this arrangement, a woman seeking to conceive navigates the task of finding a “seed provider.”

“The chosen man must undergo testing for reproductive and sexually transmitted diseases. Upon passing the test, he must take medication to prevent HIV transmission during intercourse and agree to relocate to my residence to avoid wandering and exposing me to diseases,” shared an informant currently raising twins acquired through this impregnation project.

The 38-year-old woman paid a 23-year-old student studying medicine at the University of Nairobi Ksh 300,000 for his services.

“However, when he heard that I had twins, he began demanding an additional Ksh 300,000, but I made it clear we were not trading children, and his job was to sell the ability to conceive, regardless of whether I gave birth to one child or even 50 at once,” she explained.

Furthermore, the chosen man must sign an agreement stipulating that his contract is solely for impregnation purposes and not for parenting. He forfeits any relationship with the child and the mother after the contract’s objectives are fulfilled.

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