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“I’m Not Your Husband’ Akothee’s Ex-Husband Dominic Publicly Shuts Down Akothee During Live Call

by Samantha
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In a recent turn of events, Akothee, the flamboyant Kenyan singer, found herself in an unexpected situation as she openly expressed her yearning for her baby daddy, Dominic.

The unfolding drama took center stage during a casual drive with Nelly Oaks, her manager, and rumored love interest.

As the wheels turned and the road unfolded, Akothee dialed Dominic, the father of her youngest child, Oyoo, who resides with her other children in France. The live phone conversation became a rollercoaster of emotions, revealing unfiltered sentiments from both parties.

Akothee, known for her candidness, questioned Dominic’s lack of initiation in their communication. With a mix of frustration and humor, she lamented the absence of simple greetings like “good morning” or “good night.” Her reproach extended to their children, emphasizing the need for them to reach out.

“You don’t text me good morning, Mpenzi wangu; you don’t tell me you are doing well with the kids. Even a good night message. If I don’t call you, don’t call me. Even your kids don’t call me,” she asserted.

Amidst the playful banter, Akothee openly admitted missing Dominic, prompting a blunt response, “But I am not your husband.” Undeterred, she asserted her position as the mother of his children, reminding him of his responsibility.

“You are the father of my children. You must know where the mother of your babies is… I am not married. I can see how you are laughing. It is finished. You know me,” she declared, highlighting her distinct and unapologetic personality.

The conversation took a humorous turn as Akothee clarified her stance on being a Swiss wife, vehemently stating her disinterest in returning to Switzerland. Dominic, seemingly perplexed, questioned if she was under the influence.

“Do you think I can be a Swiss wife? Those were jokes. I am back in Kenya; you will never see me in Switzerland. That man was a m** man I don’t want,” Akothee responded, injecting a dose of laughter into the candid exchange.

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