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Fiona: I Quit School to Marry a Pastor

by Paul Nyongesa
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A woman from Uganda, recently introduced as the new love interest of a prominent pastor in the country, has revealed that she had to leave school when the pastor approached her romantically.

The beautiful Fiona Kyomugisha, the new partner of Pastor Andrew Jengo, confessed in an interview that she made the decision to leave school simply to be with a servant of God.

She shared the fascinating love story in an exclusive interview, shedding light on her relationship with the young Man of God. This revelation has captivated the entire Christian community at the Resurrection Church Kawaala.

Kyomugisha, known as Fifi among her peers, told UBC TV that when she began dating Jengo over five years ago, she knew nothing about him. She was unaware that he was the son of the late city pastor, Augustine Yiga.

“We met before he became a pastor,” she said. “I didn’t know he was a pastor’s son, and he never told me about it. I only found out when he was forced to publicly address the controversy surrounding his father.”

Although deeply in love, Fifi admitted to having many reservations about being in a relationship with a church leader. At the time, she wasn’t born again and came from a staunch Anglican family in Nakaseke.

“I loved him a lot, but it was challenging for me because I couldn’t see myself as a pastor’s wife,” she explained.

“I personally wasn’t very religious, I didn’t even know how to pray, but over time, he helped me adjust.”

Currently running a charity service in the church that assists disabled children, Fifi confessed that she did not complete her education due to her relationship with Jengo.

“I left school, and he was supportive of this decision. We were both young and telling each other lies, so I dropped out of school, and he also left school,” she said.

At present, she and Jengo are living together, but she emphasizes that they have not yet consummated their relationship and plan to do so only after their wedding.

Their wedding is scheduled for November next year.

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