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Akothee Breaks Silence Following Reports of Her Mysterious Husband Omosh Stealing Her Money and Vanishing

by Paul Nyongesa
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In the midst of swirling rumors and speculation about the disappearance of a significant amount of money from her bank account, celebrated musician Akothee has vehemently defended her husband, Omosh.

Akothee, known for her fierce online presence, took to her Facebook account to address the issue head-on, shedding light on the mysterious incident.

Through her Facebook post, Akothee revealed that a substantial sum of money had been withdrawn from her bank account, leaving her in shock and disbelief.

This unfortunate event marked the second time she had experienced such a loss, the first being in 2022, raising concerns about the security of her financial assets.

As netizens took to the comment section, speculating that Omosh might be involved in the disappearance of the funds, Akothee swiftly jumped to her husband’s defense.

One Facebook user, Francis Njenga, openly suggested Omosh’s involvement, insinuating him to be the possible culprit.

“Watu huko nje wana suspect the thief to be Omosh. That yeye ni mwizi wa hali na mali,” he claimed.

Akothee, renowned for her sharp wit and candid responses, didn’t hold back. She rebuked the accusations, dismissing them as baseless and admonishing those who propagated such theories.

In her characteristic style, Akothee chastised the commenters, urging them to refrain from making unfounded allegations against her husband.

“Don’t be this stupid. He is not your source of brokenness not every post is for losers to type,” she hit back.

She emphasized that not every post was an invitation for negative and unwarranted opinions, asserting her stand with fierce determination.

This incident follows a recent revelation by Akothee, where she shared her struggles with therapy and healing in the wake of personal challenges. In a heartfelt post, she disclosed her journey through trauma and the difficulties she faced, including days without food and sleepless nights.

Despite her public persona, Akothee admitted to moments of vulnerability, recounting the support she received from her ex-manager, Nelly Oaks, her children, and a select few friends.

“Nelly Oaks has been on speed dial. He would call me nonstop and would panic when my phone went off, my children, especially the girls made sure we FaceTime just to check if I was okay. Rue followed me to Europe in fear of losing me, babysitted me until I could stand on my feet.”

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