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Meet a beautiful lady who hasn’t taken a shower for one full year

by Paul Nyongesa
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The beautiful girl who hasn’t bathed for a year has surprised many after openly confessing on camera that she has been suffering due to what she described as hearing voices of people she can’t see, but who talk to her inside her head.

This clip, which has garnered numerous comments on TikTok, featured a young homeless girl named Mary. She shared her struggles in an interview with an online news reporter.

Mary revealed her heartbreaking situation, including the fact that she hadn’t bathed for a year. In her own words:

“I don’t know who these people talking to me are; I just hear strange voices. I haven’t bathed for a year now. I didn’t finish high school; I dropped out in the third year. I have issues, and when it comes to accommodation, I sleep under a tree.”

Mary’s plight touched a compassionate TikTok user, @ikpabiawase, who shared the video. They used their platform to call on donors and kind-hearted individuals to help Mary in her time of need.

This emergency plea for assistance aims to provide Mary with basic necessities, safe shelter, and an opportunity to continue her education.

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