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Lilian Muli Finally Finds a New Man Years After Loneliness

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Citizen TV journalist Lilian Muli has addressed the curiosity surrounding her relationship status, opening up about her love life during an interview with Milele FM’s Ankali Ray.

In response to inquiries about her romantic status, the TV queen initially hesitated to delve into the topic but eventually confirmed that she is in a relationship. She firmly stated that she is not single, attributing this to her maturity and her attractive appearance.

When asked directly if she was dating someone, Lilian Muli responded with a touch of humor, saying, “Which type of question is that? I don’t like talking about my relationship status, but, of course, I am a grown-up, so I am taken.”

Despite the persistent questioning by Ankali, Lilian Muli opted not to disclose her boyfriend’s name, maintaining a level of privacy. She also clarified that she is not romantically involved with comedian Dr. Ofweneke and DJ Delight, emphasizing that they are her friends and her brother, respectively.

As for future plans or wedding details, the journalist remained tight-lipped, not revealing when or if she would introduce her partner to the public.

Lilian Muli’s recent post on social media had hinted at personal challenges, particularly related to betrayal by close friends. In her Instagram story, she expressed her feelings, saying, “People out here stabbing you with the same steak knife you set the table with after making the steak. This life no balance.” However, she did not provide specifics regarding the identity of those involved or the circumstances of the betrayal.

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