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I don’t want to hear any Kikuyu talking about the high fuel prices like Raila’s Azimio, be silent on this; Gachagua now says

by Paul Nyongesa
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Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua delivered a clear message of unity and resilience to the people of Mt. Kenya during his address at the burial of Field Marshall Muthoni wa Kirima.

The focal point of his speech was the recent surge in fuel prices and the criticism faced by President William Ruto’s government.

Gachagua emphatically stated that this issue transcended national borders, emphasizing that it was a global problem, not exclusive to Kenya Kwanza’s administration.

He urged the Mount Kenya community that is mostly occupied by the Agikuyu community not to get entangled in the controversy surrounding fuel prices, as it was an international matter influenced by factors such as the rising oil costs in Gulf states and the global economic repercussions of the Ukraine conflict.

Gachagua pointed out that even within our neighboring nations, Kenya had comparatively affordable oil prices.

As he paid tribute to Field Marshall Muthoni Kirima, Gachagua praised her for restoring honor to the name ‘MauMau,’ which had previously been associated with fear and illegality.

He stressed the importance of unity within the Gikuyu and Mumbi community, emphasizing that division would only lead to their downfall.

He encouraged everyone to speak in one voice, especially during the upcoming elections, as demonstrated by the 87 percent unity in the 2022 elections.

Furthermore, Deputy President Gachagua defended Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria against calls for his dismissal. He expressed his willingness to engage with all leaders for the benefit of the people and to consolidate the central Kenya vote for the next General Election.

Gachagua reaffirmed the unity of the region, emphasizing that their differences of opinion should not overshadow their unity when their collective interests were at stake.

Gachagua made it clear that he would not remove Kuria from his position, asserting that they must protect one another as a united front.

He emphasized the unique nature of their community, where differences in opinion did not undermine their collective strength, especially when their interests were under threat.

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