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Dorcas Kagendo: How Sickness Pushed me From a Millionaire to a Beggar

by Paul Nyongesa
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Dorcas Kagendo’s life journey embodies the twists and turns that fate can throw at even the most successful and determined individuals.

Hailing from Nkubu in Meru County, Kagendo once lived life with an air of triumph as a thriving businesswoman deeply invested in the lucrative real estate sector.

Her portfolio was a testament to her shrewd business acumen, and she enjoyed the comforts of financial stability.

A substantial salary from her role in an NGO further fortified her economic prowess, enabling her to provide for her daughter and maintain a comfortable lifestyle following her divorce.

However, as life often demonstrates, the tides can change in an instant.

The trajectory of Kagendo’s life veered dramatically when she decided to step down from her position as an office administrator in 2018.

The aftermath of this decision dealt her a series of blows that would test her resilience in unimaginable ways.

Almost immediately after leaving her job, misfortune struck as both her cars were involved in accidents.

To offset the financial repercussions of these unexpected events, Kagendo was compelled to sell her land, which she had held as an investment.

This marked the start of a downturn that would soon lead her to a path she never anticipated.

In search of greener pastures, Kagendo embarked on a journey to Saudi Arabia. Yet, tragedy continued to shadow her steps. Her health began to deteriorate, with her body taking on a yellow hue – an alarming change that heralded a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.

Despite her doctors’ best efforts, the challenges were relentless. Her body faced not only the battle against cancer but also the added burden of coronavirus infection and diabetes.

The dedicated medical professionals attending to her in Saudi Arabia demonstrated exceptional compassion by even donating blood among themselves in a bid to save her life.

Upon regaining some strength, Kagendo decided to return to Kenya for chemotherapy.

To her dismay, the support system she once relied upon seemed to have eroded. Her family’s assistance waned, leaving her to fend for herself in an uphill battle against a merciless disease.

Stripped of her resources, Kagendo had to liquidate her assets to cover medical expenses, leaving her in a financially precarious situation.

In a heartwarming twist, a benevolent woman took her in, offering Kagendo a temporary refuge. However, her stay was short-lived as the severity of her condition became evident.

She was released to Nkubu Hospital when it became clear that her cancer had progressed to an advanced stage.

Throughout her journey, Kagendo’s fortitude shone bright. She confronted hunger and hardship with unwavering strength, relying on the kindness of strangers and the goodwill of well-wishers to sustain her.

As she navigated through Nkubu Hospital, Chogoria Hospital, and eventually Kenyatta National Hospital, Kagendo’s determination proved to be her guiding light.

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