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80-Year-Old Woman Says She is Still Pure, Hasn’t Slept with Any Man

by Paul Nyongesa
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Annostacia Mukarukaka, an 80-year-old woman, has made a striking assertion about her purity, despite her past marriage to an undisclosed man.

In a revelation that has captured attention, Mukarukaka claims that even at her advanced age, she remains untainted.

Mukarukaka’s journey has been one of resilience from the very start.

Losing both parents at a tender age, she found herself under the care of her grandmother. However, her grandmother’s passing led her into the hands of an allegedly harsh stepmother.

Faced with a difficult home environment, Mukarukaka embarked on a journey to the Democratic Republic of Congo, seeking a means to sustain herself.

In a poignant twist, rumors spread that Mukarukaka had perished, causing her own family to believe she was deceased.

Upon her return, the shocking misconception led to a surreal encounter as her family, mistaking her for a ghost, attempted to placate her with traditional remedies.

The emotional turmoil of her past experiences eventually led her to a marriage that proved to be far from fulfilling.

“I married a man, but he used to sleep with other women. I didn’t know anything about the act of love until my friends started talking about it when I asked him why we didn’t sleep together, but he ignored me and left,” she said on Afrimax English.

Mukarukaka’s marriage was marred by her husband’s infidelity and the loss of her property.

Despite these challenges, she persevered, finding ways to eke out a living and sustain herself.

Her daily life is a testament to her resourcefulness, as she navigates the difficulties of her circumstances with a resolve that belies her age.

However, Mukarukaka’s journey is not without its struggles. She faces essential head tremors, which she believes contribute to her swollen eyes each morning.

Her living conditions further paint a picture of her resilience in the face of adversity. She resides in an aging house, uncertain of its structural integrity, and her sleeping arrangements are on an unstable bed.

Her tenacity is evident as she uses the same dishes for cooking and eating.

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